Frequently Asked Questions

Planning an event can be overwhelming and intimidating. Brides often feel pressure to make their wedding day perfect, office party planners tend to have a big pile of work they need to accomplish in addition to planning the corporate event, and individuals planning a party want to make sure it’s a success — not a flop. Whatever position you may be in, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our frequently asked questions so you can get peace of mind and get back to being excited about your event.

When does The Cover Band set up?

We take about 2 hours to set up and do soundcheck, so we generally arrive about 2–3 hours before the performance start time. When booking us for your event, let us know what time you want us to begin playing and when we need to be finished setting up. This will enable us to finish setting up and checking equipment before your guests arrive.

What does the band need for staging and power?

We bring all the equipment we need, but we do need the client to provide adequate staging and power. The Cover Band requires a flat performance area at least 15’ wide and 12’ deep. We don’t require an elevated stage, but having one does help create a party atmosphere at your event. For power, we require one 20-amp circuit. It’s also important to note that the staging area needs to be dry and the weather needs to be between 45°F and 95°F. If the performance area is outside, please make sure that it is sheltered from sunlight/weather at all times.

What do I do if I have a song request?

We are happy to learn a special song for your event. In addition to the 130+ songs we’ve already prepared, we can learn one specific song upon special request. If you’d like us to learn a song for your event, please let us know 45 days before the big day. We also provide a world-class PA system, perfect for hooking up your iPod or MP3 player if you have more than one specific song in mind.

Can the band make announcements or mc at my event?

We absolutely can. In fact, our frontman is great at reading the crowd, selecting songs that work best for the moment, and announcing events like toasts, cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and more. The event planner and venue coordinator will be responsible for developing a timeline of the evening.

Does the band take breaks? When?

The band will usually take a 15–30 minute break after each set, depending on the length of the set, which can vary from 45–75 minutes. A typical 4-hour engagement includes at least 3 hours of performance time, and we’re happy to plan our sets and breaks around the reception schedule. You’ll find that 45/15 is the industry standard for breaks, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a band that doesn’t go by it (some even go 40/20). We’re very flexible to your needs and take our breaks at appropriate times (for example, before dancing or during toasts).

When we do take breaks, there won’t just be silence. We use our world-class PA and lighting system to provide appropriate music during our breaks to ensure that there is no gap in the music. We can even play a particular song or playlist during the breaks if you provide your iPod or MP3 player.

Should I have food prepared for the band?

We appreciate your willingness to provide the band with a hot meal (one meal per member of the band) on the day of the performance. The meal for the band doesn’t have to be the same as what your guests are eating — a decent square meal will be just fine. Most caterers are happy to prepare a separate plate for the band so there’s no extra work created on your end.

What are the band’s responsibilities?

When you book The Cover Band for your event, we acknowledge that there are several things you’re relying on us to do. First, we will always provide our services in a competent manner. We’ll arrive and perform at times specified before the event, and we’ll abide by all reasonable rules and requirements you need to make. Not that we would, but if we failed to appear or were incapacitated from rendering a performance, you would receive a full refund of your deposit and we would not receive any compensation.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

Things can change. If you need to cancel more than 16 weeks before your event, you can notify us in writing and we will refund your full deposit. If we are prevented from performing due to an Act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, wildfire, tornado, closed roadways, etc.), the payment will be due in full. We will be in constant communication with you leading up to the event, ensuring that there are no surprises.

Can the band provide additional members?

We certainly can. Our core group consists of keyboard/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass, and drums. In addition to this core group, we can add a female lead vocalist, backup singer(s), a percussionist, and a full horn section (1 to 4 horns), for an additional charge. Our female lead vocalist is Sarah Sanders, who you can see performing with another band in this video.

Can I hire The Cover Band to play at the ceremony, too?

We can provide an instrumental duet (guitar and piano/trumpet) for the ceremony. They do an excellent job of providing atmosphere and playing appropriate music for the occasion. Additionally, we are able to supply a supplemental PA system and microphone(s) to anyone speaking during the ceremony. Contact us for ceremony pricing information.

Do I need to write a setlist for the band?

One reason our past clients were so happy with our performance was the fact that we set and adjust the setlist for them. Our frontman does an excellent job of reading the crowd and creating the appropriate mood, and he does this by calling songs on the spot.

This leaves room for spontaneity and a more dynamic show, rather than a pre-set list of songs that are played no matter the mood. We are adept at playing relaxed, instrumental music during dinner and, when the time comes, we get everyone moving on the dance floor with a good mix of modern and classic dance hits.

How does the band handle member substitutions?

Substitutions do happen in our band. Our frontman Jason (who you can see in our band video) fronts the band for 95% of our gigs. On very rare occasions, Jason is unavailable and we use an exceptionally talented substitute, Scott, who is the frontman of Jacksonville’s Rivertown Band. Because Jason’s sound is the most defining characteristic of the band, in cases where Jason is unavailable by sickness or unforeseen circumstance, we defer to your decision on whether you want to keep the booking or cancel with a full refund.

For bass, guitar, and drums, we pull from a tight group of 6 or 7 professionals. We musicians, we have all been playing together for more than 10 years in Jacksonville. Any personnel changes are seamless and do not affect the sound or performance quality of the band. If you have any reservations about the band, our band manager, Josh, will be glad to provide you with a list of references to contact.

Will the music be too loud? Too quiet?

Our volume level is completely controllable, and we make sure to keep the volume level appropriate. We’re quieter during cocktail hour and dinner, and we’re more energetic during dancing. If at any point you would like us to turn the sound up or down, please feel free to approach anyone in the band to let us know.

Is it possible to see the band live before booking?

It’s a bit difficult to see the band live, as we play exclusively at private events. We recommend that you watch the performance video here on our website or to ask us for a list of references you can contact. If you’d really like to come and see the band life, we can sometimes coordinate with another event so that you can see us perform a few songs. This is entirely dependent on whether or not another one of our clients gives permission since many of the events we play are weddings and are, therefore, private in nature.

How do I hire The Cover Band?

You can call us, email us, or simply fill out the form on our Contact page to get the process started. Josh, our band manager, will happily answer any questions you have before signing a contract. In order to secure your date, we require a signed contract and a deposit, which is refundable up to 4 months before the event. If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to send them our way and we will respond before you know it.

Contact Us With Your Questions

This list covers the questions we most commonly receive from our clients. But, as you know, every event is unique. If your question isn’t answered above, or if you’re ready to talk to us about securing us for your event, simply head to our Contact page to get in touch. We provide multiple ways to get in touch — by phone, by email, or with our easy-to-use contact form.

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