How to Choose the Right Band for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Right Band for Your Wedding

While every choice you make for your wedding day is important, the entertainment is definitely toward the top of the list. The right band will keep energy high at your reception and will provide the perfect backdrop to moments such as your first dance as a married couple.

So, how do you go about finding the right live band for your wedding? Rather than searching aimlessly through search engines, consider the following steps to help you make the choice that’s right for you and your spouse-to-be.

Consider your wedding venue & style

As with any wedding vendor choice you make, it’s important to consider your wedding style when researching potential bands. You put so much thought into your venue (indoor vs. outdoor, traditional vs. modern, rustic vs. elegant), and your wedding band should fit right in with that choice.

We’re talking about more than just their clothing, too. A 20-piece ensemble will look out of place at a small family gathering, a young DJ may be out of touch with an older crowd, and an all-acoustic set won’t quite ring out at a large venue.

Wedding Venue Style

Picture your venue, guests, and the style you’re going for with your decorations. What kind of band suits that image? Taking a moment to consider that will help you narrow down your options in a field with limitless options.

Choose your style of music

Now you have an idea in mind of the style you want your band to fit into. Before you search for potential bands, it’s important to consider the music that you want them to play. You can consider your own music taste, of course, but you can also think about the music your guests will most likely appreciate.

Some bands will play music from a particular genre or decade, which is great if there’s a niche music style that you’re looking for. If variety is an important part of the music you want to be played, you’ll want to look for a band that plays songs from a variety of genres and time periods.

Along with genre, think about the energy level of the music. Will a night full of jazz music keep your guests dancing? Are ‘80s covers the most appropriate for the dinner hour? You will most likely find that a band with music from a variety of genres, decades, and energy levels will provide you the perfect balance for the night.

Find potential bands online

By now, you’ve got a picture in your mind for the style and music of your live band. With this information in mind, it’s time to use online search to view your options. Websites like Gigmasters, The Knot, and good old Google will show you tons of options in your area.

You can also take this opportunity to narrow down your choice with online reviews. See if the band is listed on any of these websites and check out their reviews on their Google listing, on their own website, and on sites like Yelp.

Band Personality

Research the band’s personality

When reading through the band’s website and online reviews, consider that image you have from step one. Does their personality fit in with the venue, audience, and feel of your wedding day? Along with compatibility with your venue and style, you’ll want to consider their personality in terms of responsiveness and professionalism.

First, responsiveness is one of the most important factors for any wedding vendor. How does the band deal with questions and special requests? Have past clients had good things or bad things to say about how quickly the band addressed their concerns?

Professionalism is also a key element to consider. You probably want to see some level of personality on the band’s website, but you also want a band that takes punctuality and responsibility seriously. After all, an unprofessional band will only lead to more stress for you on your big day.

Stress Free Wedding Day

The final step? Ask the right questions

The best way to get peace of mind is to ask as many questions as you need before signing any contracts. In addition to any questions that set from your unique concerns, you may want to ask questions about setup times, staging and power needs, song requests, MC services, performance breaks, the cancellation policy, setlists, member substitutions, and more.

By following these steps, you can have confidence that you’ve selected the perfect live band for your wedding. All that remains is to coordinate with them on the details of the day.

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