5 Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Reception Music Hits the Right Note

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Reception Music Hits the Right Note

We all know how powerful music can be. On a day as special as your wedding day, the power of music is even more profound. It can move your guests to feel the sentimentality of the moment or get up from their seats and dance.

By looking for these specific features during the research phase, you’ll be able to find a cover band that hits the right notes throughout your entire wedding reception.

1. Check what features the band includes in their price

You’d be amazed by what features a wedding cover band does and doesn’t include in their price. Anything from MC services and PA systems to instruments and lighting may come at an additional fee. The worst part is that their fine print may be just tricky enough that you don’t learn about these hidden fees until it’s too late to change your vendor.

We think your wedding band should include these things in their price:

When you’re researching cover bands, check to see which services are included in the price and factor this information into your decision.

2. Look for bands with a long, versatile song list

A band who only plays one genre of music or who only focuses on music from a certain era may alienate some of your wedding guests. After all, your wedding guest list will include people from both sides of the family and a variety of generations.

In terms of how long the song list needs to be, there isn’t a specific number to look for. Instead, try to find a band that has a long enough song list that they wouldn’t be able to play their entire repertoire in one night.

A cover band with a long song list will be able to craft a playlist that’s unique to your wedding and your guest list. Meanwhile, a band that has just enough songs to last the night will have no room to make adjustments based on how the crowd receives their songs. As a bride-to-be, there’s also peace of mind knowing that your band is coming to your wedding with a long list of songs rather than a limited batch. A good rule of thumb for any wedding vendor: the more prepared they are, the less likely things are to go wrong.

Band that can adjust to the crowd

3. Find a band that can adjust to the crowd

Your wedding night is probably the only night of your life when people from all corners of your life will come together to celebrate you. While you may have an idea of how these different groups of people will mesh and how they’ll react to the songs you play, you can’t really know for sure until that night.

That’s why one of the best features your cover band can have is an acute ability to read the crowd and adjust to their needs. Maybe those pop hits that usually get people on the dancefloor fall flat at your reception, or perhaps your dinner hour needs to run a little longer than you previously anticipated.

An experienced band with the ability to be flexible will be one of your greatest assets in these situations. It’s their job to guide the mood for the night and to help you and your guests have an unforgettable time. Wedding bands that can adjust to the crowd will keep the night running smoothly and take a lot of the worrying off your plate.

4. Learn about their music experience

A cover band that’s comprised of passionate musicians will make all the difference compared to some buddies who are looking to make a few extra bucks on the side. While you don’t need to look for a band that does nothing but perform at events, it’s worth it to look into their history as musicians.

The key reason for this is that a band with a ton of musical experience will hit a lot of the points above. They’ll include everything you need in the price, offer a wide variety of songs, and have the ability to make adjustments to their setlist on the fly.

If they offer information on their website about their background, take the time to read through and get a feel for their history with music. If you can’t find this information on their website, there’s no problem with asking them directly. An experienced band will alleviate many of your concerns and will even anticipate your needs ahead of time.

Experienced Wedding Band

5. Read their reviews, testimonials, and references

This is a step that you probably do for each one of your wedding vendors, but we can’t stress enough how important it is when you’re researching cover bands. Online reviews provide an honest account of what you can expect, and they can even bring up points that you haven’t considered.

Many wedding bands will have reviews on places like Google, Facebook, The Knot, Gigmasters, and even their own website. Before booking the band for your wedding, make sure you take some time to reach through these reviews. Go beyond the number of stars and see what previous wedding couples have to say about this band.

When in doubt, ask more questions

If you ever feel pressure from a wedding vendor to ask fewer questions, that’s a great indicator that you should probably look elsewhere. Anyone involved in the wedding industry knows just how important it is for you to do your research and pick the right vendors for your wedding day.

A cover band is no different. When researching live entertainment for your wedding, ask as many questions as you need to make a decision that’s right for you. The right wedding band will be happy to answer anything you need.

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