5 Things Businesses Get Wrong When Planning Corporate Events

5 Things Businesses Get Wrong When Planning Corporate Events

It’s no secret that planning a corporate event or office party is a lot of work. From convincing your employees to come out on an evening or weekend to coordinating speakers, caterers, and more, there are countless moving pieces to juggle. And the more you have to juggle, the greater the chance that something will go wrong.

Are you planning an upcoming event for your company? If so, you’ll want to read this list of things businesses get wrong when planning their corporate events. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

1. They start planning too late

Planning an event for your business takes time. Some businesses may only have one or two events per year, and with the date so far down the calendar, it’s easy to leave planning to the last minute. That’s where office party planners start to run into problems. Event spaces tend to book up months in advance, as do vendors like caterers and entertainers. So the earlier you start to plan your event, the greater chances of your event turning out exactly as you want it.

2. They don’t check out the space ahead of time

The size of your venue can make or break your corporate event. Too often, the person in charge of planning a business event doesn’t actually visit the space beforehand — they simply rely on pictures from the website.

While you don’t have to visit the site on a weekly or monthly basis leading up to your event, you should go at least once early on in the planning stages. This is the only way to ensure that the space is big enough for your group and can accommodate any additional needs, like stages, sound equipment, and lighting. We typically require a stage area that’s at least 15 feet wide and 12 feet deep, but any additional musicians or singers require more space.

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3. They don’t consider entertainment options

One of the main reasons for a corporate event or office party is to boost employees’ morale. It’s not uncommon for office managers to plan activities for their employees, like lawn bowling, tumbling towers, or bean bag tosses. But what goes on in the background while your employees toss toys around a room? And what about the employees who can’t be tempted by lawn games? What’s left for them to do?

Here is where it’s very important to consider your entertainment options. There’s a lot more that goes into keeping your event attendees occupied and amused than horseshoes and hopscotch. Music is a huge part of any successful corporate event, and if you don’t put some effort into choosing the right live band, the soundtrack to your company’s big night will be crickets chirping too loudly.

Not sure what you’re doing when it comes to choosing music for the evening? Here are 4 practical things to consider when hiring a band for your corporate event.

4. They don’t consider demographics

Want to know a surefire way for your company event to go completely wrong? Just don’t think about who will be attending. Your employees will feel out of place, nobody will enjoy themselves, and everybody will leave early. Congratulations! The annual retreat is ruined.

On the flip side, a few minutes of careful thought as to your guest list can make a huge difference in how your attendees feel at your event. Think about the demographics of your employees. Are they a young, millennial crowd, or do they skew toward an older generation? Is your business a hip, techy startup or a more established, traditional company? Does your staff show up to work in jeans and sneakers or are a sport coat and tie part of the unspoken uniform?

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Does the entertainment you chose jibe with your employee demographics?

We pride ourselves on our ability to play to any crowd, thanks to our extensive song list. With more than 130 songs from 15 different genres under our belt, there’s something in our repertoire for everyone.

5. They go over budget

One of the biggest concerns you may face when planning a corporate event is your budget. Company parties are often held later in the year, which means that the event budget has less cushion for overspending. Any discrepancies so late in the year can hurt really the company, so it’s important to look for vendors who can accommodate a variety of budgets. For instance, The Cover Band typically plays as our standard 4-piece ensemble, but we can add instruments and singers a needed to provide the sound you’re looking for at your event.

Hit the right note at your next corporate event

Are you in charge of an upcoming office event or party? It’s never too early to start examining your entertainment options. The Cover Band is happy to work with you to find a date that works for you and a sound that your employees will love. Have questions? Contact us to learn more.

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