5 Rules for Incorporating Live Music at Corporate Events

5 Rules for Incorporating Live Music at Corporate Events

While some people may think that being an event planner for a wedding is as stressful as it comes, they often forget that planning a corporate event can be just as tricky. After all, the event is a gift to the hardworking employees of that company — and, the harder they’ve worked, the more they’ll be hoping for an event that makes all that work worth it.

If you’re looking for live music for a corporate event, here are five key rules to follow to help ensure that the night is a success. Follow them and it’s likely that you’ll throw an event that the employees will remember (for all the right reasons) for years to come.

1. Take into account the different employee groups

Most offices employ anyone as young as 22 and as old as 65. They also employ people with a variety of personalities and musical tastes. Finding a band that can provide a good time for that 25-year old alternative introvert as well as that 50-year old classic rock junkie can be a challenge.

Corporate Party Music

When you’re researching bands, look for information on how they can address this obstacle. For example, a band with a song list spanning several decades and several genres will probably provide something for everyone. You may also want to look for a band that can read the crowd, adjust their song list at a moment’s notice, and quickly answer any questions you have leading up to the event.

2. Choose music that’s appropriate for a professional setting

While a corporate event is a time to unwind from the stress of the daily grind, it’s important to remember that what happens at this corporate event can affect the office dynamic. For instance, no one wants to see their boss dancing inappropriately with their co-workers, and nobody wants to worry that they’ll get in trouble on Monday for singing along to the live music.

That’s why it’s best to aim for music that’s well-known, well-loved, and still appropriate for an office setting. Try to steer clear from explicit music or songs with in-your-face adult themes. Many classic and current hits will be just fine but not all of them will, so it’s important that your band understands the fine line between fun and inappropriate.

3. Match the attire of the band to the attire of the attendees

One question you’ll inevitably be asked about the corporate event is, “What are we supposed to wear?” It’s up to you whether you want to make the dress code more formal or casual, and there are pros and cons to each approach.

One thing you’ll want to do when booking the live music is to make sure that their attire is appropriate for the event. If you tell the company employees to dress down and the band shows up in tuxedos, the employees may worry that they’re underdressed.

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Meanwhile, choosing a more formal dress code without making sure that the band is on board is a sure-fire way to make the band look completely out of place. Especially if the band will help with MCing throughout the night, the event attendees will definitely notice what they’re wearing. Save everyone the embarrassment by making sure that the dress code is consistent throughout — including the live entertainment.

4. Consider the different moods and activities of the night

One reason many people recommend a live band over a DJ is that the live band can provide a musical backdrop to a variety of events, including dancing, mingling, and eating dinner. Whether you’re providing a full meal or a casual cocktail hour at the event, you’ll want your live entertainment to be aware of the changing moods and provide music to suit each event.

One mistake event planners and live bands both make is thinking that the night will be completely full of high-energy dancing. Especially at a corporate event, where employees are more likely to be reserved in the beginning, it’s important that the band provide a variety of tunes to accommodate eating, talking, dancing, and winding down for the night.

5. Find a band that can alleviate some of your burden

Whether you’re a professional event planner hired by the company or you’re an employee who’s putting together the party in your spare time, there’s a lot of pressure to get every detail just right. Many businesses stick to just one corporate event per year, and the goal of the event is to boost morale and show appreciation for the employees. As the event planner, a lot of the responsibility for the success of the night will fall on you.

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That’s why it’s so important to find a band that doesn’t just provide the bare minimum for performing. Many cover bands will offer MC services, PA systems, and lighting for the event — all things that you’d have to figure out on your own if they didn’t.

You may be surprised to find that bands in your budget will take care of these elements for you. If, in your research, a potential band isn’t quick to offer solutions and suggestions, it’s worth your time to look elsewhere. The ideal is to find a band that will show up on time, provide everything needed to play their music, and answer any questions you have leading up to the event. And these bands are out there.

Do your research on corporate event bands

With music playing such a big role in the success of the night, you don’t want to rush the process of finding the right live band for the event. We suggest finding a live band that offers an online FAQ, clear-cut information on what’s included in their price, a detailed song list, and fast response times to all your questions.

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