4 Reasons to Have Live Music at Your Corporate Event

4 Reasons to Have Live Music at Your Corporate Event

It takes a lot of planning to get a corporate event right. You’ll need to coordinate between your caterers, photographers, and event space to make sure everyone can set up in time for the event. You may also manage staff within your company that’s helping you plan the event. Employees and guests will inevitably have questions about attire and parking.

And somewhere in that mix, you need to choose entertainment that appeals to a large number of people with a variety of backgrounds and interests, and that is still work-appropriate. That’s where a live band comes in. It’s a surefire way to make your event memorable and it saves you the work of putting together a playlist. Still not convinced? Here are four more reasons to have live music at your corporate event.

1. Live bands give your event variety

Have you ever been to a party where you just weren’t feeling the music? Nothing creates a worse experience for your guests than music that just can’t get them on their feet. Look for a live band whose song list spans a variety of genres and styles, from classic rock to Top 40 hits to oldies to R&B. This way there will be something for everyone, from the 20-year-old intern to Marjorie in accounting. For more on this, you can read our previous blog, “5 Rules for Incorporating Live Music at Corporate Events.”

2. Live bands have flexibility

One advantage to hiring a live band is the flexibility that comes with having your musicians right there in the room with your guests. If classic soul doesn’t resonate with your guests, they can read the room and easily change to something more modern and upbeat. They can help keep the mood at the right level based on the music they play. And it’s much better than hiring a DJ only to find out that his signature sound just doesn’t jive with your crowd.

For more on this, you can read our previous blog: Band vs. DJ: Why You Should Hire Live Music for Your Event.

live music at corporate events

3. Most live bands bring their own equipment

Unless you host big events like this all the time, chances are your company doesn’t have amps and soundboards just lying around. This leaves you with three options:

Borrow them from a business connection and lug them back and forth to your event Rent them from a vendor or your event space and kiss your party budget goodbye Hire a local band who provides their own

Sourcing equipment shouldn’t be on your event planning to-do list. Instead, look for one of the many local bands that provide their own mics, amps, sound boards, and more. This way they’re sure to get the equipment they need, and you avoid paying extra for something you’ll only use once a year.

4. Great live bands provide extra services

In addition to providing their own equipment, many bands also offer other services at no extra charge. The lead singer or frontman can easily MC your event since he already has the mic. If a band provides their own sound equipment, they’ll probably also be able to work the PA themselves. And if you get lucky, you’ll find a band that provides lighting for the event as well (we offer this every time we’re booked).

Worried about the logistics of a live band at your company party? Here are 4 practical things to consider when hiring a band for your corporate event.

live music at corporate events

Make sure your corporate event entertainment hits the right note

Most companies only have the budget to host an event once or twice a year, which means it’s important to get every detail right. Nail the mood by hiring an event band that will keep your guests engaged and happy, no matter how long your boss’s speech may be. Want to learn more about hiring a live band for your corporate event? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us to get started.

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