10 Awesome Wedding Reception Songs for 2017

10 Awesome Wedding Reception Songs for 2017

The biggest challenge your wedding entertainment needs to overcome is providing balance: balance between old and new, upbeat and laid back, and sentimental and carefree. They need to find a way to get everyone — from your grumpy grandpa to your shy best friend to your crazy college roommate — engaged in every moment of your reception.

Here are ten awesome wedding reception songs to include in your 2017 wedding. They’ll make your guests feel moved and they’ll get your guests moving.

1. Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

We’d be crazy if we didn’t include this widely-loved song on our list. Ever since Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson teamed up to release this dynamic hit, it’s sparked hundreds of covers, spinoffs, and remakes. It’s one of those songs that will have people dancing for years to come. If dancing is something you want to see at your reception, this song will definitely make it happen.

2. Isn’t She Lovely — Stevie Wonder

The perfect song for showcasing the beautiful bride, “Isn’t She Lovely” is sure to warm the hearts of everyone at your wedding reception. It’s also a great upbeat song choice for a father/daughter dance. This is one of those middle-ground songs that can either get people up and dancing or make the perfect backdrop to the dinner hour.

3. Billie Jean — Michael Jackson

Your wedding guests need only hear a few beats of this song before they’ll run out to the floor eager to show off their dance moves. While the lyrics don’t shout “wedding,” this iconic song will definitely get people dancing and singing along at your reception. You may even catch a few of your friends trying out their best moonwalk.

4. Happy — Pharrell Williams

Minions aren’t the only things that flooded pop culture from the Despicable Me franchise. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams may be a few years old, but it still has the power to bring a smile to people who hear it. The chorus is easy to sing along to and the sentiment is one we can all get behind: happiness.

5. Valerie — Amy Winehouse

With one of the strongest and most unique voices of our generation, Amy Winehouse’s soulful pipes have a way of encouraging people to sing along. “Valerie” is one of her more upbeat tunes, with a poppy feel that will bring out all the ladies to the dancefloor almost as well as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

6. Cupid Shuffle — Cupid

The best way to get even the most reserved people out dancing? A song with a line dance that everyone knows. “Cupid Shuffle” has lined people up at school dances, birthday parties, and wedding receptions for years — and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Your shy friends will have fun performing the moves and your dance-inclined friends will love putting their unique twist on it.

7. Suit and Tie — Justin Timberlake

Speaking of dancing, what would a wedding reception playlist be without a bit of Justin Timberlake? His falsetto, Timbaland’s deep vocals, and Jay Z’s rapping come together with jazzy music and an addictive beat to form this playful, easygoing hit. Both the guys and ladies at your reception will have no choice but to sing along and dance to this one.

8. The Way You Look Tonight — Frank Sinatra

Continuing with the theme of jazz, Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” has graced wedding receptions for decades. Every bride dreams of a man who finds her as beautiful as these lyrics describe. This song is also quite versatile. It can be used for the first dance, the father/daughter dance, as a slow dance, or as background music for the dinner hour. No matter how it’s used, it’s sure to make everyone at your reception feel just a little bit lighter and happier.

9. Forever — Ben Harper

A resounding theme at a wedding is the idea of forever: the bride and groom coming together to share their lives forever. This sentimental song is a popular one to walk down the aisle to and is the perfect addition to your wedding reception playlist.

10. The Shape of You — Ed Sheeran

We end on one of the biggest hits of the moment by none other than Ed Sheeran. If you’ve been alive for any of 2017, you’ve definitely heard (and probably hummed along to) this single. It’s great for your wedding reception with its catchy lyrics and playful feel.

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